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Abby Bordner

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Abby Bordner is a consultant and trainer in topics related to pregnancy, birth and parenting. She has traveled extensively with her two children, now 17 years and 12 years old. Abby sees that traveling with her children offers opportunities to be authentic, present and connected in a meaningful way. These are the basics of her professional work, as well. She works with parents to increase connection with their children, offering them the chance to learn, grow and thrive. Within the context of a healthy relationship, children and adults get all their social and emotional needs met, giving a new opportunity for self discovery and learning. You can find Abby's work at and

Mark Wolters

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Mark Wolters is a College Lecturer by Day & Chief Traveling Officer By Night. Mark and his family travel the world together and share their stories, experiences and travel advice on their Wolters World YouTube channel as well as on their webpage Mark, his wife Jocelyn, and their 2 sons can tell you what it takes to truly live and travel with your family abroad. Wolters World was named #1 in USA Today’s 10 Best's Independent Travel Videographers in 2014.

Lainie Liberti

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Lainie previously work as a branding expert for 18 years with a career focused on creating campaigns for non-profits & eco conscious business. When the economy declined in 2008 she and her then 9-year-old son, Miro decided to hit the road for a permanent adventure. Seven years, 15 countries, and many personal changes later, Lainie & Miro continue to slow travel around the globe. The planet has become their classroom and they are advocates for life-long learning at any age. Lainie & Miro together host teen-oriented retreats in Latin America called Project World School . You can follow Lainie at her website Raising Miro on the Road of Life at Lainie also hosts a popular internet show on the Conscious Consumer Network called For the Love of Learning, Voices of the Alternative Education Movement.

Christina Benton

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Christina is a solo Nomadic Mama to three beautiful Junior Nomads. She is also a forensic professional currently in the process of career-shifting to pursue her dream of being a full-time nomad, world-schooling mom, writer, and publisher. Life has had its twists and turns she says, and has recently offered her an amazing opportunity to travel both domestically and internationally and they are taking full advantage of it. They began their nomadic journey in December with a visit to Costa Rica where they had an amazing time and made a vow to each other to continue traveling as much and as far as they can. After returning, they began a 64-day RV road trip across the United States and now are planning an international trip across northern Europe. You can follow Christina and her Jr. Nomads at

Michelle Tupy

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Michelle Tupy ( is a ghostwriter and copywriter who has always had a passion for travel from a young age. Currently she is travelling through South America with her husband, Matt, and two children, Emilia and Matthew, she is currently working on a book about their travel adventures ( Michelle and her family have lived in China, Canada, Australia and Peru and were last spotted in Panama alongside their brightly painted 1982 Volkswagen Kombi called “the van”.

Gabi Klaf

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Gabi hosts her site The Nomadic Family | and blogs about her family’s ups and downs in their three years of non-stop budget world travel. Her family of five has lived with an indigenous tribe in the jungles of Ecuador, hitchhiked throughout the world, and hiked the entire Annapurna Circuit trek with a documentary film crew in tow. Gabi writes about the untold sides of family travel life, those moments that take your breath away, adventures and mishaps while globetrotting and the 16 countries they’ve stepped foot in world-wide. Now, they are acclimating back into life in Northern Israel and their story continues.

Crystal Blue

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Crystal is an avid adventurer, world traveler, cultural anthropologist, expedition guide, writer, yogi, life lover Crystal created Enlightened Globetrekker Adventures: Adventures for the Body, Mind, and Soul in order to encourage the accessibility of an inspirational lifestyle for all, internally and externally, focusing on travel, adventure, nature, family bonding, grounded living, culture and equality, simplicity, humanitarian spirit, balance, honoring the heart, and achieving and experiencing happiness, success, freedom, and dreams. Crystal has become an international figure from her mindful living articles found on elephant journal that represent global parenting, mindful travel, and conscious perspective. From this, Enlightened Globetrekker was born. Crystal now plays an active role in directing Enlightened Globetrekker affairs, designs and leads retreats around the world, practices yoga daily, and raises and worldschools 8 year old daughter River. Last year Crystal was living in the South Pacific. Having just completed a world tour, she has now made her home base in Tulum, Mexico. You can follow her adventures at:

Nicole Wears

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Nicole Wears is part of the married couple and newbie parents that go by "The Traveling Cannucks". They live in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia on the west coast of Canada. They consider themselves very fortunate to have traveled to over 65 countries and territories together in the past 10 years, fulfilling many of their life goals and dreams along the way.

Eileen Ogintz

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Eileen Ogintz writes the award-winning syndicated column “Taking the Kids” and she hosts the site She is a mom who has traveled with her three kids (now grown) and others in the family from Orlando to Yosemite, the Caribbean to Alaska, to Europe and beyond. She is considered a leading national expert on family travel and is often quoted in major publications such as USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times as well as parenting and women’s magazines on family travel.

Sabrina Norrie

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Sabrina Norrie is a photographer and longtime traveler, she loves to explore the world with her husband and five year old daughter. Wherever they go, they opt for slow, adventurous and immersive experiences - think road trips, backpacking and going off-the-beaten-path. Fresh off a year of traveling around the United States and Mexico, Sabrina and her family have returned home outside of NYC for a bit before planning where they’ll head next. You can follow Sabrina’s travels and learn more about creating your own adventures over at

Karen King

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Karen is a 38 year old Aussie Mum. She loves to travel and experience new things and traveling the world has been a dream come true! When travelling Karen loves to experience “real life” – rather than passing through as a tourist so they often travel slow and get to know each location. You can follow Karen and her family adventures at

Talon Windwalker

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Talon Windwalkter is a single parent, author, writer, former hospice chaplain, ultra runner, scuba instructor, photographer, and lover of traveling, languages, and cultures. Years ago when he was a young adult, he had a dream of raising his children in foreign countries and having them experience this amazing, large world. After years of working in intensive care, trauma, and with the dying, his family & life motto became Live Without Regrets!  In May 2011 he left his traditional work life and embarked on life as a full-time nomad, traveling around the world slowly with his young son, who was 9 years old when they began their new life. He “world schools” his son, teaches languages, writes, does photography, teaches scuba, and works online along the way. You can follow him at



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