How I surpassed my fears and apprehensions and had an amazing family travel adventure.

Earlier this year I hosted an online Telesummit that shared interviews with family travel experts filled with both travel insights and their personal stories of  adventure while traveling the world with their children, and how that experience transformed both their childrens’ lives and their own.

I also experienced the adventure and wonder of a new culture and country alongside my own son and recently shared how I made that experience a reality, despite living as a single mother, working full-time, raising my son, and having many, many fears about solo travel with him.

As the name I most often answer to, “Mom”, it’s incredibly fitting that I was invited to interview for two mother-themed publications. The first became a story of my choosing to travel despite the fear and apprehensions I felt around taking that step into the unknown.

The second is an audio interview that explores the struggle I felt as a parent while choosing to put my own needs first for awhile, and the amazing community of support I found in that decision.

What would you do if you could get past the fear? What could you do if you had more support in your goals?

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Article: How This Single Mom Left It All to Live Her Dream
Listen to interview, travel & fulfilling life dreams w/ martha nieset – episode #19
Interview: travel & fulfilling life dreams w/ martha nieset

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