How can you gift happiness?

Folks who study happiness tell us that most of crap we spend money on does nothing to make us happier. Disappointing because there’s a pair of shoes that are really cool I have my eye on. But not if they’re just going to make me more miserable. No, it’s experiences that actually change us and make us happier. So instead of thinking of THINGS you want, think of what you want to DO.

I recently tried paddle boarding. Being middle aged and ‘fatish’ I was uncertain of this activity and prepared myself emotionally to flip off the board, hit my head and lay in a sad pile on the beach. But no. It was fabulous. I was riding over those ways like Jesus walking on the water.

We stopped and explored an island, tried some yoga poses (er, this met with several face plants and is not for the faint of heart) and rode up to greet some water lotuses. It was a glorious day, a perfect day. Oh, and I hopped right up on that board and paddled away like a boss.

Take risks.

Make your own perfect day.  Or better yet…Gift a perfect day!

Guest post by Sara Provenzale


How can you put experience over stuff this season?

Join us to experience Nicaragua – A Guided Retreatnicaragua-602709_1920
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One participant invited her close friend to sign up with her so they can have a shared getaway experience rather than buying each other gifts this year.

That’s such a great example of putting quality experiences above the short term joy of new things. Time with people we care about is what will create the greatest impact in our lives!

The retreat is just 8 days, 7 nights in early December so you can come back ready to put your refreshed foot forward this holidays season, feeling filled up with good energy and new connections. The week includes daily guided meditation, engaged & translated conversations with local people, outings to volcanoes, islands, and markets, as well as two glorious days along the ocean. You deserve time for you!

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