Why Add Meditation To Your Travel?

Why add meditation to your travel?Woman sitting in meditative position

The whole point is to see this new amazing place, right?

THAT is why meditation is useful.

So we can actually see what is in front of us, rather than thinking about what is waiting for us at home, the next thing, yesterday’s breakfast or whatever else is part of your mind’s chatter.

We invite you to still your mind each day so you are ready to fully be here, in the experience of this amazing, beautiful, complex moment.

So when you are sitting in that hammock staring out over the ocean you are actually there in the hammock. Or when you are at the market of a million new sights and smells, or meeting a new friend, you are present, in that moment.

You just may leave with a useful new life skill.

Have you ever purposefully added meditation or time for reflection to your travels?

Guest post by Sara Provenzale; Sara will co-lead our annual Nicaragua Retreat in October. Join us for this beautiful week filled with exciting new places, conversations that challenge your thinking, and time for reflection, discussion, and connection with other like-minded friends.

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