I’m Martha Nieset and I’ve fallen in love with introducing my son to the world, teaching him about other ways that people live, and witnessing the wonder in his eyes when he has an experience outside his “normal” zone.

2015-05-15 17.47.46Two years ago, all I could think about was how amazing it would be to take my son to live and go to school in Nicaragua, a place I had previously spent time volunteering at an orphanage. I wanted him to learn Spanish while his mind could still effortlessly grasp it, see that there is more than one way to live comfortably, and experience people and places we’d only ever been able to read about. To me it was about doing something I loved (getting to know new people, places and cultures) alongside him.

While spending time with a non-profit that connected North American college students with service opportunities in the Granada community I realized my love for this work. It’s what brought forth Nicaragua Immersion, and my new mission to connect others who want to make friends in the community, learn Spanish, experience Nicaraguan culture, and its natural wonders up close.


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