Your One Week Visit To Nicaragua In Pictures

A week would be perfect for a get-away in this country to get a flavor and see some amazing places. Leon, Granada (don’t miss the Isletas, & 2 volcanos of different flavor), Laguna de Apoyo, then hit the ocean at San Juan del Sur. You will love it… throw in some zip lines, markets, horseback riding on the beach and what a week! Lovely country, people, culture, and experience!

Here they are: Your 4 Stops for an amazing week-long adventure to get to know this gorgeous place!

  1. Leon
  2. Granada
  3. Laguna de Apoyo
  4. San Juan del Sur


Get to know the city center, the cathedral, and tool around to various markets and shops. Make sure to head west and get a feel for the northern coast, enjoy some dinner and play on the beach before heading out on your next stop.leon



This amazing colonial town is full of color and energy. Don’t miss these stops: the Isletas, Volcano Masaya (just outside of Granada, you can see the glow at night!), Volcano Mombacho (towering to the south of town, it’s a dormant, jungle-covered adventure), and the central markets of Granada and Masaya (you pick, they both are amazing!).



Laguna de Apoyo

This freshwater lake lives inside a dormant volcano. It’s the most pristine, refreshing water you will enjoy while visiting the country. Relax for a day along the beaches of the lake, enjoy the water sports (paddle board, swim, kayak), lush gardens, and delicious food. You wont want to leave after just one day! Laguna


San Juan del Sur

This town and it’s beaches are unique in Nicaragua. There are surfers from everywhere for the world class waves. Enjoy the beautiful resorts or down to earth local stays, you choose, but whatever you do, catch some adventures while you are there: take a surf lesson, go horseback riding on the beach, or enjoy a zip line adventures. It’s all waiting for you!



There you go, your spring break is planned, whether you are a single, couple, family or adventure traveler, you will enjoy these areas and find something just for you.  Purchase your flights to Managua, and you are ready to go.

Your cultural adventure awaits in Nicaragua!


Still have questions?  Drop me a line and ask.


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